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Other convenient ways to use Airfare Watchdog to find mistake fares are to set up fare alerts and check their travel blog. This is useful to use in conjunction with the Skyscanner price alert function. Another error fare finder you can use for locating the cheapest flights is Secret Flying.

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If the Secret Flying website identifies what you think is a mistake fare then use Skyscanner to focus in on the best deal. While most travel sites just show you the good deals, The Flight Deal has a separate category for bad deals. Under the Bad Deals category, the site warns you about flight booking scams and bad deals.

To find secret flights that are good deals, check under their Flight Deals category. If you identify a flight route that you wish to investigate then use a Skyscanner search to see all options. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to stay on top of the latest error fares. The downside of this mistake fare finder is that they only search for international flights.

25 Worst TRAVEL MISTAKES and How to Avoid Them

This happens for about one in every three searches. Many travellers also tend to think that staying over a weekend makes a trip more expensive. But according to Hopper, except for flights to the Caribbean, all other spots are cheaper when a Saturday night is part of your stay when travelling from the US. While most of us have been hit in the pocket by booking a flight too late, it turns out that you can also lose out by booking too early. Though it may be inconvenient, Hopper found that shopping at unpredictable times does yield more deals.

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