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This is my personal experience and I Just want you to know, what risks you take if you buy from Dealsmachine. Even items in Dealsmachine. You could wait month or more for popular items only with getting promise, soon, next week or smth. Receive cheap, defective, Chinese made items, even if we talking about computers, smartphones or tablets without any Dealsmachine. It could be with bad batteries, screen or not working drivers of any of this.

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You could be cheated by Dealsmachine. You will no longer have any protection if you not receive item or if you receive defective item then and they will have advantage over you to do what they want to do with your money. If you get item and its not quality from start or just DOA for etc. If you want to get your money back, if Dealsmachine. Also you will not get any refund for customs taxes, or shipping back.

You could lose half of your money even if you return the item. Sum all this: you PAY for Dealsmachine. When you have no advantage over them, no protection, Dealsmachine. You will get same formal answer every time.


Dont expect anything except losing your money more and more. Only suggestion after all of this. Edited: I can confirm until now, even after Dealsmachine replay, my problems is not solved yet. My experienced with DealsMachine was a good and fantastic one. The Phone. The mobile phone itself came at exact date they told me the phone will be in my country. I met the phone intact as described on their websites before I ordered for it. The item was packed very well. I was somehow skeptic if i will get my item, but they proved me wrong. The Customer Support Oh! DealsMachine customer support was a very good one.

They always be on the alert to respond to your comments or questions as soon as they get it. I think I raised up to about four or five tickets for questions. In fact they responded very well. Even if you ask the questions in a rudely manners, they would not reply you angrily. They were always polite in their response to any questions posted to them. The product price.

The price of the product was very cheap compare to all other merchants that I know so far. The price is relatively cheap for the product. Comments I can say I don't really have any negative comments about DealsMachine because I was treated okay, but I was surprised to see some negative comments about them. To me I recommend DeaksMachine. I would soon order and buy from them again. I already wrote a negative review before but I found out that it was just misunderstanding from my side!

They contact me to explain the problem which was from DHL and they refund my money asap. Thanks DM for your follow-up! Tip for consumers: When you contact with their service center, they always reply with the same idiot copied reply. I recently bought a mobile phone from Dealsmachine. I am very satisfied with my product as also for the services and the support they provided me. The product delivered to me really fast. The site is vey easy to use and they also accept paypal payments which is really good and secure. The only minus is that the package when arrived was not covered with bubbles.

It would be more safe if the package had a bubble cover. My phone is working great. As i wrote before i am very satisfied and i will buy again from Dealsmachine it the near future. Totally recommended store. I 've purchased a lot of products from online websites and i can say that a lot of them they were not as good as i expected.

I found DealsMachine because of their prices the phone that i was concidered at it was the cheapest globally and i decide to buy a product from them. They had full specifications of their product on the site and also a video. The costumer service was very helpful be the time that the phone shipped out from their wharehouse they were informed me in daily basis. Finally when the phone arrived it was exactly what i was expected.

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In conclusion i am very glad that i've done the purchase from DealsMachine and i will do it again in future for sure. The consignment arrived safely and quickly. If there was a problem, I got the right answer. My favourite reseller from China.

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All but one are still working, in various forms a watch phone did blow it's speaker after a year. I've also bought a lot of trinkets, Arduino shields and the like. Again, never had an issue. I care about price They are competitively cheap, but they are good to deal with. And unfortunately, the exchange rate they use means that you do not always pay the local currency price - I have just ordered a mobile which was USD I have raised this as an issue with them and will hopefully be compensated BUT please only use the USD price and current exchange rates to calculate the amount you will pay for your product.

Ordered a mobile phone from this site which has not been sent having to claim back through Paypal to get my money back as they ignore my requests for refund Do not purchase from this site very untrustworthy. Very good service. I like the layout of the website.

There is something for everyone. If I have a problem or question, I write to them and I get back a reply. This is why I trust this company. I will buy again and again because of their good and reliable service. I am a happy customer. This is one of the best websites to buy Chinese electronic goods especially the mobile phones. I have bought 10 times from them in last 15 months and have never ever had a problem. Not only are the products exactly as specified and of very good quality, they are also posted out extremely quickly resulting in a speedy delivery to the UK.

Not to mention the gifts I have received in every parcel I got from them. Overall, this is certainly is a very reliable and genuine business. You can buy from them without any hesitation! Tip for consumers: Don't forget to check your free DM points that you can spend for buying on the website. Dear Richard, Thank you for your question.

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There is no telephone number there and we are trying to fix this issue. Best Regards Dealsmachine Customer Service. If you did't pay for it all ok. Check your bank transactions and cancel payment. Dear richard b. Please rest assured we DealsMachine is a legal website.


This is evidenced by: the positive feedback on this review website, our comprehensive warranties, and our strict product quality control measures. You can contact us if you have any issue. Please rest assured we will try our best to help you after we have checked the detail information. Thank you for your support and kind understanding. Dear Natalie H. Please rest assured the item is checked before it is shipped out. As you know,we need the detail information to check the issue.

We very much regret for this inconvenience. Dear Brikity N. You can contact us if you have any other issue. Having said that, let me say that in any transaction there is always the possibility for error. After a quick once-over of your review, it appears that your product was damaged during the shipping process. Without knowing the specifics of your experience in attempting to rectify the outcome of your purchase; keep in mind that these products will change hands many times before they reach their destination.

Again, without knowing specifics, how the situation is presented to Deals Machine, and also how the presentation of the situation is perceived by Deals Machine, may determine the outcome of the experience. Unfortunately, the only satisfactory way to acquire closure to your experience, is to get it from Deals Machine themselves. J Lance. Dear David T. Please kindly send me a private message stating your order number or your account email address. Dear Gaduparthi, Thank you for your question, we apolofize for the inconvenience.

Please provide us your order nuber, we will check this issue for you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Its a pity they are not operating any more. From time to time I search for the site hoping its back up. David Aherne I found DealsMachine very easy to deal with,when I had a problem. I am now looking for another phone, but the DealsMachine website has been down for about three or four weeks, whenever I try to view it. Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

Suzie My top hasn't arrived and the support email address does not exist. Rahim Did you use PayPal? If yes, you could open a dispute in the Resolution Center in your PayPal account. Luis Ortiz I like this internet shop because is very affordable. Also the assortment of items is very good.

Anything that is cheap is good for me. Communication and concern of your product are very good and efficient. Dealsmachine is a convinient seller. Fast respone, fine service, and everything you need just mail them and an answer will arrise on your mail in 24 hours. Alexey Andres Galarza Catherine Friel Dealsmachine is great always get lovely stuff and recommend these guys. Get Code. Recent Comments. Brian burke.